When you give someone a book you don’t give him just paper, ink and glue. You give him the possibility of a whole New World. If you have a stock of unwanted old books, which once rejoiced you, helped you through a patches, or brought a smile to your face, then it is time to pass on feeling. As a booklover, you may find yourself with boxes full of books that you wish you could forget about. Books often take a lot of shelf space and you don’t know where to take them. Most booklovers will often have shelves overflowing with books. Some readers tend to read books casually and once they’re done with a book, they would not want to hang onto it any more. With time, the books will end up being thrown away or sell to pastiwala. One thing should be remembered that your trash might be someone else’s treasure. This is true with books. Donating books will give more people an opportunity to read and learn without cutting down more trees. Research has shown that donating is a simple way of finding personal happiness. By donating books, you will make more people happy and in the process make yourself happier. Who doesn’t like being happy? Simply pack your unwanted books in boxes and donate them to us with BookSamvad rather than throwing them away, why not donate them and make space for new books you have never read. If you donate your books, they will surely benefit other people. Your donations can end poverty for good. Share some of your basic details with us and we will pick up your books from your doorstep at your convenience. *If you donate more than five books, BookSamvad will give you your favourite one book for reading from our book collection free.
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Be a Sponsor to upgrade our library and update our book collection. With your valuable donation we will expand our Gujarati Book Collection and make it available to our readers at lowest rent.  
Our honest work towards spreading our own Gujarati Literature at grassroot level is only possible with all your generous support and help. With your support BookSamvad will provide notebooks and stationeries to needy students of rural primary schools. Sponsors/Donors will receive quarterly updates, photos and videos of important work we are doing together.