Be an Author

1.  Author Registration

  • To publish your content on site with us, you should register with us first.

  • After registration request, we will review your details and based on that we will approve your login within 2-3 days.


2. How to publish?

  • You can publish your content like essays, letters, stories, biography fiction, non-fiction, scientific content or lot more as per your interest.

  • Please ensure your content should have more than 500/1000 words to publish with us.


3. When will your content have been published?

  • We will review your content sent to us. Once the content is approved by our editorial team, we will update you about the publishing date or you can tell us the publishing date after our approval.

4. How often can I publish?

  • You can request us to publish your content as much time as per your wish.


5. Why should I publish with BookSamvad?

  • Pending